Archaeoacoustics III

Paper presentation:
Aural Architecture: Experience, Resonance and Attunement.

Archaeoaocoustics III
The third international multi-disciplinary conference on The Archaeology of Sound
05 – 08 October 2017
Tomar, Portugal

Organised by The OTS Foundation
in concert with The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal, The Instituto Terra e Memória (ITM) and The Geosciences Centre of Coimbra University;
In association with The Convent of Christ stronghold of the Knights Templar

Archaeoacoustics studies the way sound behaves in ancient enclosed spaces, how early humankind may have used it and the implications of architectural manipulation.  “The most significant factor in this field is its multi-disciplinary aspect,” explains conference organizer Linda C. Eneix, “a phenomenon that at first seems like pseudo-science to an archaeologist becomes abundantly clear when it is explained by a physicist, and an architect brings a totally fresh perspective.   A rock art specialist can help us see details that could easily be overlooked by the untrained eye.  Something that musicologists have known for years takes on new meaning when it is applied to ancient social structure and lifestyle.”

Participants included: Paul Devereux, Iegor Reznikoff, Ezra Zubro, David Lubman, Linda Eneix, Fernando Coimbra.

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