9th International Gathering of Architects 3000

Presentation: Aural Architecture and Archaeoacoustics and Acoustic Ecology for Children.

Workshop: Ari Kat Shell

9th International Gathering of Architects 3000 and Universal Geometry, in Milazzo, Sicilia, Italia,  September 24-30 2018.
We will celebrate 6 days of presentations, workshops and field trips with the thematic: Designing the School of the Future, with a special focus and practice on how to build a 7 Petal School for the Third Millennium. The training is designed for: Architects, designers, educators, students, educational planners and investors, as well as anyone interested in Universal Geometry (or Sacred Geometry) and the co-creation of a new Education. The training will be conducted in English, Spanish and Italian.

Topics include:
– 7 Petal Schools® and Pedagooogia 3000®
– Architects 3000 Network
– Architecture for schools: new school, new Education
– How to build a Comprehensive Conscious School for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children
– Hands on Universal Geometry, building 3d models
– De-coding of the Individual and Collective Awakening through the prism of Universal Geometry
– Universal Geometry in Schools
– The Flower of Life and the Platonic Solids
– The Fibonacci sequence
– Practices for Discovering OneSelf through Geometry
– The Matrix Star
– Merkaba and other multi-level decodifications
– Bio-construction
– Eco bio-climatic design
– Practical tips for the design of the School
– Using local and recycled materials
– Conscious use of water
– Acoustics for children and acoustic ecology
– Bio-architecture of an acoustic zome

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