This research addressed experience as a fundamental process in the development of the human being that is shaped by space and architecture. My interest lied in the experience of everyday spaces: how we experience everyday sounds in acoustic space, and how, as an aural architect, I could contribute with the design of forms of experience. My aural architecture explorations valued our own direct experience above all. My practice sought to value the process of experience as a way to unify life sensations: visual, acoustic, tactile, kinetic. My approach emphasised the experience of acoustic space and environmental sound, to create, communicate and understand the affective experience of environmental sound. In this sense, I have sought to explore forms of experience of environmental sound, to incite sensory responses, and as a way to engage an ecological re-wiring of the senses interplay. My stance was that affective responses could be achieved through the experience of space as matter-energy, in which sound is accounted as a vibrational force for transformation and connection between humans and non-humans beings.

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