Lisboa Soa

September 2017 – residency to create a site-specific aural experience at Estufa Fria, Lisboa.

LISBOA SOA is a meeting of public space sound art that aims to bring to debate an important and often neglected variable in the planning of places, sound.

Imagine a place that celebrates the world of sound, which leads you through labyrinthine paths that communicate acoustically with you. Imagine a garden populated by sounds that call attention to all the other sounds around, an imaginary soundscape that seeks to stimulate hearing and make you think about what you are listening to.

From September 14 to 17, 2017, the second edition of Lisboa Soa – sound art, urbanism and auditory culture will take place, this time in the Estufa Fria de Lisboa. The festival’s roaming through different city gardens brings about a new challenge in terms of programming and, at the same time, will lead the audience into public spaces that are often forgotten and removed from their daily lives.

The program consists of:
Sound installations in the garden • an open air gallery that showcases site-specific sound art installations that allow the public to interact, experiment and, above all, enjoy the physical, visual and sonic space.
Sound performances • concerts and sound actions that explore the physical characteristics of the surrounding space.
Workshops and soundwalks • an educational program aimed at all age groups to raise awareness of our audience, promoting an auditory education through listening, recording and sound construction exercises.