Radio Sonores

Autonomous and mobile acoustic unit for broadcasting
Guimarães Capital of Culture 2012, Portugal

Radio Sonores is an autonomous and mobile spatial device that was the physical support to capture and transmit Soopa’s sound events and activities. This radio station acts as the meta-space that condensates the whole program as a radio art project and provides a permanent broadcast/streaming/archive of an influx of events.

Radio Sonores is composed of an assemblage of identical light-weight modules, easily transportable assuring the conditions for its mobility. Assuming the radio station infrastructure as a round table connected to an antenna, the space surrounding its users is an insulated and absorbent acoustic capsule.

Radio Sonores is a time vortex, allowing the expansion of the possibilities to explore and experience sound.

Conception: Cláudia Martinho and Mathieu Herbelin
Construction: Cláudia Martinho, Mathieu Herbelin, Jean-Marc Chevalet, with Exyzt colective and the workshop Construir Junto.