Workshop and performance: Music Communication through the Autism Spectrum, Casa da Musica, Porto. March 27 and 28 2018.

With the Ensemble of the XIII Training Course for Musical Animators of Casa da Musica, and APPDA Norte (Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism)
Musical direction by Duncan Chapman and Sam Mason

From January to March, we worked together with the APPDA Norte (Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism), exploring musical co-creation. Starting from each person’s favorite sounds, we have found points of encounter between all, and a whole spectrum of sensoriality.

The encounter is on this side, where the barriers are falling and the emotions come to the skin in a regular heartbeat. Out of the labyrinth is communication and quietly, what the mind holds the music unravels. Stimulating the experience of being with the other, calling those who tend to shut to the world, Spectrum is art and therapy.